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Upcoming Events & Travel Dates

Baltimore Exchange  | August 9th 2015  | Exit The Apple Artspace, Baltimore
Painting, Vending, Consultation

Baltimore Summer 2015 | August 10- 16 | Studio TBA
Tattooing and Consultation

Hell City Phoenix 2015 August 28-31st | Arizona Biltmore Resort
(Art only.) Live Art, Wet Paint Project, Art Fusion Experiment, Evil Easle

NYC Fall 2015 |  October 22-30th | Studio TBA
Tattooing and Consultation


Dieties and Demons Masquerade | *November 5th*| Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Live Painting

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Live Painting | Body Painting | Vending Displays | Installations

Fashion Shows | Art Shows | Private Parties | Body Painting


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