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(Warning: Snarky Humor Alert)

1.Precare and Aftercare
2. Infection Concerns
3. Safety
4.Simple Tattoos
4.5 High Risk Tattoos (hand/feet/face/genital tattoos)
5.Contact and Emailing
5.5 Contact and EMAILING continued

6. Design and Consultation Cost
7. Intellectual Property and Ownership,
8. Design
9. If I dont like my design
10.More disagreements
11. Cost
12. Snobbery
13. Client Relations
14. Cheaper tattoos (suck.)
15. MORE contact and emailing



This is not a question.
Please go to a doctor, NOW.
Call me if you have doubts, but if you are in anyway not sure, go to the doctor.

The most common scary effect is scabbing due to overmoisturizing. Please see aftercare instructions and follow them CLOSELY.


While I am tattooing you, I use new, unopened, pre-sterilized ,and hermetically sealed needles and even grips to tattoo, protect my machines and all other contact surfaces with disposable barrier film.
Between sessions, I sanitize with hospital-grade disinfectant which kills almost every microorganism known to man (including my brain cells,) and meet or (sadly) exceed all hospital-standard cross-contamination and Bloodborne Pathogem control measures.
I sanitize your skin prior to starting with alcohol, (Which also kills my brain cells,) and I wipe the thing down almost every other needle stroke with antiseptic soap while tattooing. It is probably not infected.
But as a disclaimer, GO TO THE DOCTOR, now.

Of course I do! If you are able to bring a tattoo-ready image in for a quick tattoo, I can usually squeeze you in within a couple of days.
4.5 HIGH RISK TATTOOS: Hands, feet, necks, faces, lips, private parts

Because of the type of skin
1) Will be difficult to tattoo
2) Will be difficult to heal well/keep from getting infected
3) Will be difficult to keep safe from the elemts

The final part of this part which is: it will be HIGHLY VISIBLE

The most important thing to remember about a tattoo that is above teh collarbones or neckline, below the wrist or cuff line, or below the ankle, is that it will be HIGHLY VISIBLE.
This means that people will see it, no matter what. Do not plan on covering it with hair, a certain type of shirt, garment, watch, or jewelry, etc.

I would NOT recommend getting a tattoo on your chosen body partat all if you feel you will need to cover it up ever. It just wont work- a tattoo anywhere above your collarbones or below your cuff is as visible as the nose on yo face.

If this is your request I will usually try to first see if you
a) would like to consider putting it somewhere else if you haven’t considered these factors,
b) if you are as comfortable getting a tattoo on your neck where it can be seen at ALL times as you are thinking it can be hidden under your collar.
c) You already have an established, long-standing career, family, social life, and standing within society that will not be jeopardized by the stigma you will garner for having a tattoo virtually on your face.

At least two of these must be true to proceed.


Yes, you do.


Hehe Just joking. Yes.  I absollutely LOVE visitors, And I do welcome you to come back often and visit.

However, a visitor is just that, a visitor. While I am working I may or may not be able to accept visitors, wherein which lies the problem: it is complicated because I am ALWAYS working when I am in the studio. As a matter of fact, I am ALWAYS working when I’m not in the studio, and I am rarely in the studio when I am not tattooing. So therefore, if you drop in randomly, I might be either tattooing, or off site working.

While I may be able to and usually divert some attention your way to greet you cordially, chat quickly, or if we’re lucky, catch up while I continue working, eat your cookies, or answer quick questions;
I can usually not break stride or “change gears” to focus on a new or different project. I want to give you my undivided attention when I give it to you! And the discussion involved with consultation and development is all-important.

Besides, wouldn’t you want me to be focusing on your project when its you on my desk, or your skin on my table?

Finally, I refuse to believe that it is easier for someone to schedule a time, get in your car, drive to me, get out of your car, show up on time, and get past my vicious guard-apprentice, Morgan; or even stop by on your way somewhere and catch me un-occupied, than it is for you to pick up the phone and call me to schedule an appointment. So for social visits, come on by. For tattoos, please try to stick to my intake process 😉


Sort of, but not exactly.
I charge a $100 deposit for and I charge $125 per hour for all services rendered.
This way I can maintain fair fee structure across all services I provide.

For both a Custom Design and a Fine Art Tattoo, I apply your deposit towards your consultation development appointment, and any remainder goes towards tattoo time. You can read more about the two main lines of tattoo service I offer, here.

During your time with me, I charge for your consultation and development because this time is prioritized for you to put you on my schedule in direct competition with my tattoo time, and it is directly contributing towards your tattoo.
If all intake procedures have been followed when come in for your consultation, you have already had an opportunity to ask all the questions, get all the answers, express all the creativity, and communicate all the ideas to prepare, so when you arrive we get straight to work on dedicated, directed, creative production. This is an hour of services rendered, or work performed: we ask questions, arrive at answers, generate ideas, research, and design- all of which are services one could actually seek independantly, which have value.

Finally, at this point, you are knee deep in your artist’s intellectual property, which also has value, having utilized their service to visualize, conceptualize, narrow down, select, research, you are paying them for this service, not necessarily any deliverable derived from this service. (I.E tattoos, drawings, magical tokens, etc.) They can not get these ideas back.




I have surprisingly heard this question from models, people who are nervous about custom design, etc.
That also being said, the TATTOO ON YOUR BODY does belong to you. However the intellectual property and reproduction rights of the image belongs to me, as well as any photographs that I have taken. While I WILL respect your privacy, (I will not show faces or identifying marks without permission) I will retain the rights use it in my portfolio, for my records, on my website.
I have also been asked, and no I will not, destroy your sketches or photographs unless you are some huge celebrity with a publicist and we discuss this in advance.

This is to say that if you want to model, pose naked with it, if it makes you famous, I will never ever complain.

However, if you were to say, start a giant oil-mining corporation and use your tattoo’s original artwork for it’s logo…
Well, I am also not going to complain. Similar to how, if I did your logo when you were a small mom-and-pop and you turned it into a million dollar franchise, I wouldn’t complain 🙂 I’d just be really really proud of you.

(Unless of course you lied to me, and you were reeeally a secret billionaire with a bazillionjillion employess and you just didnt want to pay graphic design royalties so you came and found a little increeedibly talented  mom-and-pop tattoo artist to do your logo instead of going to like Moses Anchell Marketing Firm, and your now trying to stick it to the small guy representing the commercialist interests of corporate america hell-bent on GREED AND PROFIT! Cuz if that’s the case, I might complain. lol 🙂


Nooot really. If this is your goal, (let’s say you are out of town, or out of country, or you’re married to your tattooist, or if you want a certain artist to tattoo you, but you want someone to draw it,) let me know in the beginning, and we can work something out.

If you spring that on me in the end, it will be complicated.
That is, I will probably charge you a fair amount of money. *
For a fine art piece, this will start at, but not limited to the balance of the hourly rate for the time spent designing it less any deposits.
I will not sell a design that I have created for a tattoo for the $100 deposit I take to start working on it, and it is pretty likely I will not release it at all, I’ll just keep it for future use or display.

If you are getting a custom-designed piece, where you are sitting there paying hourly for design work, you can discuss the possibility of releasing the rights to you, probably for a fee depending on the final application. I just don’t imagine that happening.

In either case, there is no deliverable after your consultation. (Deliverable meaning something you can take away. This includes digital pictures.) As outlined in my terms, during your consult I get what I need to design the tattoo, and then I only design what I need to make the art on your skin. The ONLY deliverable is the tattoo.  So if you need a drawing to take away, there may be further charges for generating that deliverable. Furthermore, I retain the rights to that drawing unless and until they are transferred to you, which can and might also carry a fee, depending on the application. So. If that’s your goal, let me know up front 🙂

This is HIGHLY unlikely.
We go through a very intensive consultation process to make sure that when I strt to draw, I am drawing what you want me to draw. However,

9. What about Disagreements?
We try to outline all the TERMS up front in my process section, as well as in your intake emails, including  rates, charges, expectations, requirements, including what to do in the case of artistic disagreements, but sometimes they still arise; Some people just do not communicate well.

Please review my terms before selecting a process to go forward with; one is based on yourdesign, with my subtle coaching, while one is basically 100% my art, on your body. Choose carefully!

Just as the artist has the right to refuse service to anyone (for any reason, at any time) you have the right to discontinue your patronage at any time. But this constitutes a breach of contract, and as such there are absolutely zero refunds.

If you are just not happy with your linework/tattoo/service/bedsidemanner/artists appearance/email response time you are free to take it to someone else to get it finished.

The thing about disagreements is that they are usually mutual- so we will hold no hard feelings, and would appreciate none in return.

I have a very VERY VEEEEEEEEERY strong philosophy that your tattoo is YOURS and I bid, beg, and plead that you don’t let anyone tell you what to do with it. However, listen to your artist.

While I have heard ghastly stories of artist who say “my way or the high way” with peoples tattoos, and I catch those clients along that highway ALL The time, I humbly offer my highly educated opinion on matters of design. I will warn you that if I strongly offer my opinion on something, it’s probably a good idea.  I will also disclaim that I am HIGHLY likely to paint or draw the idea that I was talking about on canvas with the correct color for future use.

If you choose not to follow my suggestions, I will either go with yours if it is doable, or nix the project. In either case, there are NO REFUNDS, for any reason ever, especially if your unhappy with your own choice.

But I will applaud and thank you for sticking to your guns. And I will probably tell you the story about how I lost my position at one of the most prestigious tattoo shops in Phoenix over sticking to my guns, and how it started “Fine Art For Bodies”;)
Maybe you’ll have a similar story!

Not at all.

I tend to put more thought, planning, detail, and time into a given tattoo than average, so the time taken might be slightly more… If you are a discerning viewer of art and tattoos, you will appreciate it. If not… well someone looking at you might! It’s probably worth it 😉

I am actually cheaper than most. I charge $125/hour which is SLIGHTLY higher than average, BUT…I am also very fast. For example My 4 hour (est.) $500 tattoo is going to probably be better executed than the average 4-5 hour $500 tattoo, because I go fast. BUT I like to put more detail, so if given a choice, I will make a given tattoo 3-4 hours, rather than two. Make sense?

Not at all.
I know the value of my work and am well-versed in economic philosophy. 🙂

Immensely. More than you will ever possibly know.
It’s kind of like someone who falls in love over and over and over and over again. Eventually, you learn to let go. While I still fall in love (over, and over, and over, again,)  I have learned to let go- as a hipster would say- I have given all the fucks that I will give in this life.
I have learned to let go when the fucks are not given in return. lol

hehehe This is seriously my favorite topic. I try not to go on about it… but since you got me started…  lol 😉
There are over 400 tattoo studios in Phoenix. There are no shortage of “custom” tattoo shops for whom “custom” is defined by doing a variation of the same tattoo they did yesterday, which is a variation of the same tattoo they pulled of the flash rack some years ago.I recognize may not work the way that many tattoo shops work, however, the skill and experiecne you get can vary from 15-20 year tenured artists (RARELY) to 6-month apprenticehship drop-outs to people with literally no experience at all except that required to order stolen or inferior equipment from craigslist or 2nd-rate suppliers and a gift of the gab.
While I do tend to try to refine “styles” or “signature” ways of doing certain subject s(i.e. coi, lotuses, etc,)  I have a hard time even saying that I have a “style” because not many of my tattoos are remotely similar.
That being said,
My tattoos are not for everyone.

I work the way that I work because after 11 years of tattooing, it is the way that I have discovered  to best allow me bring my service to meet the needs of my clientelle.

“I dont use my email.”

1)  That’s not a question.
2) Great! It will be that much easier to keep track of our tattoo-conversation if there is no other emails in your inbox! And this will provide you with new impetus to try out this BRILLIANT form of modern communication. lol 😉

Unfortunately, with all the social media buzz everywhere, I have discovered that email is the only tried-and-true, reliable, secure way to keep these conversations tracked, organized, and archived. Just imagine, In addition to tattooing, and painting,  I have 3 websites to maintain, 4 social media platforms, and no less than 6 inboxes, not including calls and texts on two different phones. Not all of them save messages. And good old google-mail is the only place where I get all the updates. Soooo…
So when you think “tattoo” think email. 🙂

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