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The Studio

Tariq Sabur Fine Art For Bodies Studio 6 Top Tempe AZ Arizona Tattoo Studio private intimate

Fine Art For Bodies is located at

Studio 6
2003 E. 5th St #7
Last Room on The Left
Tempe, AZ 85281

We are in a comfortable, appointment-based, private studio off of the beaten path in Tempe, Arizona.

We are very proud of it 🙂


We use all disposable equipment and endeavor to ensure that our sanitary and sterilization procedures, blood borne pathogen awareness, and cross contamination prevention are top of the line, which is as always all important.


Clients enjoy a full library of references, gallery of current artwork, and comfortable seating in a serene, welcoming environment.

Each of our artists has a their own room which allows for client comfort, privacy, and modesty, and you may bring your significant other or friend(s) to your session (just give your artist a heads up!)

Please ask your artist or visit Precare/Aftercare instructions for information on how to prepare for your session and healing.


Artists are encouraged to make their individual space our own, and the common area is constantly being added to,improved, or changed to bring it up to date with current art, new furniture (that we’ve often built,) or just for expression. It is a living breathing workshop and atelier of ongoing art in every way 🙂

Each of our artists has their own style and setup for photographing their work, as you can see from my portfolio, aesthetics are important. Photography is generally welcome, but please ask your artist before you start snapping and sharing away. (Again, please exercise discretion 🙂


To schedule an appointment, please fill out the below form, and include a brief description of your project, including the subject, size, placement of your tattoo.

Please make sure to fill out all information on the form completely!

I will usually ask that you bring two to three print outs of reference images that you would like to work into your tattoo, so please spend some time gathering these images, and I will respond within one to two weeks to your email.

If you do not receive a response in 5-7 business days, please feel free to re-send or attempt another means of contact.


If  for any reason this contact form does not function please email me directly and include the above information at:

Fine Art For Bodies is located at:

Studio 6
2003 E. 5th St #7
Tempe, AZ 85281

By Appointment Only

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